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last date : 31st August 2019

What Is iPITCH?

iPitch is Villgro’s annual investment discovery platform that sources and invests in for-profit social enterprises in medtech, agritech, edtech, skilling, employability, cleantech & renewable energy.

What iPITCH  give you

  • Total investment amount of Rs. 8 CRORES.
  • Seed investment of at least Rs. 25 Lakhs.
  • Pre series A investment of upto Rs. 5 CRORES by
  • Menterra Social Impact Fund.
  • Investment and incubation support through partners like Menterra Social Impact Fund, Beyond Capital Fund, Upaya Social Ventures, SIIC (IIT Kanpur), SINE (IIT Bombay), and TIMed.
  • Opportunity for upto 12 enterprises to be a part of Upaya Social Ventures’ fully funded accelerator programme.
  • Access to Unconvention – India’s largest gathering of social entrepreneurs, investors, policy makers, and CSR heads at discounted prices. Register Now.

What iPITCH look for  -


  • Agritech – focus on water management
  • Medtech – focus on disability, medical devices and digital health platforms
  • Cleantech – focus on productive use of energy
  • Livelihoods – focus on job creation
  • Edtech, Skilling & Employability.


  • Early stage enterprises that are in the process of developing their products/services, conducting pilots, are ready to be launched in the market or already in the market with early revenue traction
  • Business Feasibility & Scalability
  • Demonstrating positive unit economics and a plan to scale across the country.

Social Impact

An affordable and accessible product/service creating a direct and tangible impact on the lives of the underserved and poor.


A unique product, technology and/or business model.


A competent, diverse and committed founding team.

Application Deadline – 31st August 2019



HSBC India CSR Funds for NGO in India 

HSBC India CSR Fund


Last date – 21st January 2019

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The focus of the HSBC Skills for Life programme in partnership with Swades is to enable at least 30,000 disadvantaged youth to become employable and enter and sustain employment and enterprise opportunities in India in the next 5 years through skill development.

For 2019, the programme has ear-marked INR 12 crore to be disbursed as grants to NGOs for projects that skill youth and link them employment or entrepreneurship opportunities.

The programme will support skill development in 9 sectors that have incremental human resource requirements. These are - Automotive, Banking & Financial Services, Electronics & IT hardware industry, Healthcare Services, IT & ITes, Transportation and Logistics, Retail, Telecommunications and Tourism & Hospitality.

Please ensue that the projects submitted for grant caters to sectors from the list above. Inclusion of other sectors (not mentioned above) will be a clear ground for rejection of your application. 




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WWF Small Grants for Indian NGOs

Call for Proposal
WWF- Small Grants Innovation program
LAST DATE- 15th June 2019
 With the aim of encouraging young Indians to respond innovatively and independently to the conservation issues which affect the country, WWF-India is offering eligible individuals a one-time grant of upto INR 400,000 over a maximum period of 2 years for undertaking conservation research/ action research.

The grants will be used to fund research and initiatives which especially demonstrate innovation that is replicable, scalable and sustainable. Around the globe, conservationists are employing the latest technological advances to make a difference for people, wildlife, oceans, forests and clean water.
The SGIP will provide grants to individuals for activities and/or research that address issues and off­er solutions or insights towards:
  • Species and habitat related problems and concerns – with a focus on immediate threats and issues
  • Enabling communities and other stakeholders to address local environmental concerns
  • Improving local livelihoods through conservation and natural resource management or promoting livelihoods that reduce impacts on biodiversity
  • Aspects of trade involving wildlife species
  • Increasing understanding on the status of lesser known or lesser studied species of wildlife
  • Innovative approaches to awareness raising regarding environmental concerns
  • Demonstrating individual or collective action towards conservation outcomes

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('TRIP' is a unique way of travelling real India through the network of 
Non-profits and Voluntary organisations in India)

For Whom-

  • National and International Volunteers/Students/ Academics/ Corporates/Social workers/Non-Government Organisations(NGOs)/
  • People interested in India and its people- Rural or Urban

Why take a TRIP ?
  • If you are a person who likes to travel- meet new people, explore new places, TRIP program promises to provide you a pleasant travel experience
  • If you are bored of the bookish knowledge and the alpha, beta, gamma of academics, we invite you to explore the greens of the jungle and the coolness of a stream/ breeze.
  • If you are fed up with continuous management of the artificial world around you and want to connect back with the real world, the TRIP program will help you in that much needed break.
  •  If you feel that people are too-selfish in the world and you are loosing faith in humanity, we invite you to meet the real humans.
  •  If you feel your PIZZAS and Bread are getting boring, let your tounge discover a new taste- the taste of a common man’s bread.
  •  If you feel its “too Noisy”, we invite you to explore “Silence” and vice versa- if needed
  •  If you feel you are ‘LOST’, we invite you to ‘DISCOVER YOURSELF’

Join TRIP India program, help change yourself and the society !

Contact : 9958154404

Dalai lama fellowship- DLF




Last Date- 31st January 2019


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NGO / CSR Fundraising Workshop 


your NGO

 on Pre- booking basis

First come-First serve basis

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Last date- 17th May 2013


Jharkhand State Livelihoods Promotion Society- REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL FOR SKILL & PLACEMENT AGENCY. last date - 7th February 2013 The JSLPS invites ¿Request for Proposal¿ from the eligible registered agencies to submit their proposals for ¿ Skill & Placement¿ in different suitable sectors covering all the districts of Jharkhand. Interested agencies may submit their "Request for Proposals" in a sealed envelope clearly superscripted as Request for Proposal for ¿Skill & Placement ¿ addressing to the Chief Executive Officer on the above address on or before 4.00 pm on 7th February¿2013 according to the guidelines available in the website of or The agencies should ensure that the ¿Request for Proposal¿ should be reached in this Office by the stipulated date and time as mentioned. Address- Under the aegis of Rural Development Department, Govt. Of Jharkhand) 3rd Floor, FFP Building, HEC, Dhurwa, Ranchi-834004 Phone No. 0651-2401782 - 83 Email ¿, Website ¿ No: 23/Ranchi last date - 7th February 2013

SIDA Call for Proposal

ICT Initiatives for Democratisation and Freedom of Expression

by 18th October 2012/

The strategy aims at strengthening actors for change, targeting civil society organisations and groups, intergovernmental organisations and individuals at local, national, regional and global levels, working for increased democratisation and freedom of expression

Last Date- 18th October 2012

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The Ministry of Environment & Forests (MoEF)

About the Ministry

The Ministry of Environment & Forests (MoEF) is the nodal agency in the administrative structure of the Central Government for the planning, promotion, co-ordination and overseeing the implementation of India's environmental and forestry policies and programmes.

The primary concerns of the Ministry are implementation of policies and programmes relating to conservation of the country's natural resources including its lakes and rivers, its biodiversity, forests and wildlife, ensuring the welfare of animals, and the prevention and abatement of pollution. While implementing these policies and programmes, the Ministry is guided by the principle of sustainable development and enhancement of human well-being.

The Ministry also serves as the nodal agency in the country for the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), South Asia Co-operative Environment Programme (SACEP), International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development (ICIMOD) and for the follow-up of the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED). The Ministry is also entrusted with issues relating to multilateral bodies such as the Commission on Sustainable Development (CSD), Global Environment Facility (GEF) and of regional bodies like Economic and Social Council for Asia and Pacific (ESCAP) and South Asian Association for Regional Co-operation (SAARC) on matters pertaining to the environment.

The broad objectives of the Ministry are:

  • Conservation and survey of flora, fauna, forests and wildlife
  • Prevention and control of pollution
  • Afforestation and regeneration of degraded areas
  • Protection of the environment and
  • Ensuring the welfare of animals

These objectives are well supported by a set of legislative and regulatory measures, aimed at the preservation, conservation and protection of the environment. Besides the legislative measures, the National Conservation Strategy and Policy Statement on Environment and Development, 1992National Forest Policy, 1988Policy Statement on Abatement of Pollution, 1992; and the National Environment Policy, 2006also guide the Ministry's work.

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Women's Funds Overview and Application Criteria

In 1997, the Global Fund for Women launched the Women’s Fund Program to formalize our commitment to foster local expertise and promote sustainable local philanthropy. A women’s fund is an entity that makes grants to support the advancement of women’s human rights and status of women and girls.

The Global Fund for Women supports women's groups that advance the human rights of women and girls.  GFW grants help strengthen and link women’s funds based outside the United States by providing flexible and timely grants ranging from $5,000 to $50,000 per year for operating and re-granting expenses. First-time grant awards generally range from $5,000 to $25,000 per year.  We value local expertise and believe that women themselves know best how to determine their needs and propose solutions for lasting change.

Please note that your Women’s Fund MUST meet all the following criteria to be eligible for a grant:

  • It is based in a country outside the United States.  We do not fund US based organizations.
  • Its primary focus is to award grants to women’s human rights groups. o Its past or proposed activities include grantmaking and/or capacity-building for women’s rights groups.
  • It is governed, directed, and led by women.  Women must fill most or all of the leadership roles.


The Global Fund seeks to strengthen and sustain local philanthropy of Women’s Funds by investing in the following priority areas:

  • Providing general operating support to build grantmaking, fundraising, and organizational capacity of women’s funds.
  • Promoting mutual learning exchanges among women’s funds.

The Global Fund receives over 3,500 proposals for general support, including the women’s funds, each year and awards about 600 grants annually.  Unfortunately we do not have the resources to provide funding to all the Women’s Funds that meet our criteria.  We do, however, give priority to Women’s Funds that might particularly benefit from our support. These include groups that:

  • Are actively fundraising from local sources.
  • Are located in a region or country that has extremely limited access to funding resources.
  • Are making grants to groups working on issues that are difficult or controversial for women to raise in their communities, yet are critical to the realization of women’s human rights.
  • Are making grants to women’s groups organized and led by women from particularly marginalized populations, including but not limited to:  refugees, rural women, economically disadvantaged women, women with disabilities, lesbian, bisexual and transgender (LGBTQI) populations, sex workers, women affected by military occupation, women in conflict and post-conflict regions, girls and young women, and women from ethnic, religious, and cultural minorities.
  • Actively include the perspectives of those served by or benefiting from the fund’s activities.

In addition, please note that the Global Fund does NOT fund the following:

  • Individuals
  • Government entities
  • Groups based and working primarily or only in the US
  • Women’s Funds in the Global North proposing projects with local partners
  • Groups whose sole purpose is to generate income or to provide charity to individuals
  • Groups headed and managed by men, without women in the majority of leadership positions
  • Funds that support political parties or election campaigns
  • Women’s branches, departments, or projects of mixed gender organizations  

You may submit a request in any language, by e-mail, fax, or post. We usually accept proposals all year, but grants are awarded only four times a year after approval by our international Board of Directors. After you submit a proposal, a notice of receipt will be sent within 3 weeks of its arrival at the Global Fund. You will receive a decision on your proposal or a request for additional information in approximately 2-3 months. Due to the large volume of requests we receive, final grant awards to women’s funds may not be made for up to 5 to 6 months. In addition, please note that the Global Fund is not able to award a grant to all the deserving funds that apply and that we are also often unable to award the total amount requested.

The Global Fund encourages women’s funds to include their travel and conference budgets in the general support application.  In RARE cases, the Global Fund accepts urgent requests related to a crisis of some kind, or for requests that pertain to organizing or attending a conference, or other time-bound event.  Such requests will be considered outside of our normal grant cycle due to their time-sensitive nature.  Applications must be submitted by organizations, not individuals, and must be received at least 8 weeks before the event. Funding for such requests is extremely limited and preference will be given to past Global Fund grantees. 

Our Mailing Address:
The Global Fund for Women
222 Sutter Street, Suite 500
San Francisco, CA  94108 USA     
Phone: (415) 248-4800
Fax (415) 248-4801


The STARS IMPACT Award 2012

The STARS IMPACT Award 2012

Last Date- 7th November 2011


Register / Apply for award

 Each Impact Award combines US$100,000 of unrestricted funding with tailored consultancy support and a package of media benefits, offering organisations the flexibility they need to respond to local challenges and plan for the future. Our approach is underpinned by a rigorous selection process, developed with PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP.

We provide detailed feedback toall applicants and through the data we collect, our understanding of the challenges facing local organisations continues to grow. We share this knowledge at every opportunity.

There are six Impact Awards in total: three Awards for Africa-Middle East and threefor Asia-Pacific, across the categories of Health, Education and Protection.

Each Impact Award provides apackage of support comprising:

·        US$100,000of unrestricted funding – Giving recipient organisations the flexibility torespond more effectively to the challenges they face and to the needs of thechildren they serve

·        Tailoredconsultancy support – Offering recipient organisations access to training orskills and helping them to maximise the benefits of their Award

·        Mediatraining, content and access – Providing recipient organisations with the toolsand opportunities to use the Award to enhance their profile



This year, thanks to ourpartnership with the Ashmore Foundation, STARS is able to increase the numberof Awards it intends to offer to 14. Of these, 6 Awards are made up ofUS$100,000 of unrestricted funding and additional consultancy support (asdescribed above) and the other 8 Awards will range in value from US$15,000 toUS$60,000.

RisingStar Award

In addition, a smaller Award maybe made at the discretion of the STARS Board of Trustees to recognise the workof an organisation whose application demonstrates potential as a ‘Rising Star’.


What we Look For

Over a two stage process, the STARS Impact Award recipients will be selected against a range of criteria which reflect the hallmarks of effective practice. Applicants selected to receive an Award will have demonstrated a positive impact on the lives of disadvantaged children.

Thespecific criteria that STARS is interested in are:

·        Deliveryof programmes that positively affect the lives of disadvantaged children

·        Governanceand accountability to stakeholders

·        Effectivefinance and administration

·        Useof technology

·        Innovationand flexibility

·        Networkingand collaborating with other organisations

·        Developmentof staff members and/or volunteers

·        Inclusionand access

STARS would also like to know howorganisations would use the Award if they were to be selected as an Awardrecipient.Further guidance on all the above is available in the application form.

How to Apply

Pleasenote that once you are ready to submit your application, and where you havechosen not to apply online, applications should be emailed to the followingemail addresses:(

Africa / Middle-East:

Asia / Pacific:

For more details visit their website.

Website Address-

WIN AWARD by Vodafone Foundation and DEF

The Vodafone Foundation in association with the Digital Empowerment Foundation introduces the Women & Innovation for Mobile (WIN) Award. The ‘Win’ Awards seeks to identify innovative mobile solutions which meet the diverse needs of women under the following categories:
  • Education
  • Healthcare & Family
  • Economic Empowerment & Entrepreneurship
The three winning solutions will qualify for a funding grant of 44,00,000 INR to further develop and scale their mobile innovation to serve and benefit a larger female user community.
Closing date for applications: October 25, 2011

Please send filled up nomination form to

Contact: Chitra Chauhan, E-mail:
Tel: 011-26532786, Fax: 011-26532787.

Check google pagerank for

The Marico Innovation Foundation- AWARDS

The Marico Innovation Foundation

Innovation for India Awards' 2012

Last date: September 2nd, 2011.

The Marico Innovation Foundation is pleased to announce its 4th edition of the Innovation for India Awards. Introduced in 2006, this coveted award recognizes and applauds breakthrough innovations. Innovations across India in the Business, Social and Public Services sectors are invited to apply. The applications are evaluated on the basis of a robust evaluation framework around the 3 key essentials of uniqueness, impact & scalability.

The 2012 award categories are:(

 Business: Innovation by a business organization; could be of one or more of the following kinds: 

Product: Creation of a new product or technology

Process: Development of a new method to improve business processes

Service: Delivering a new service or an existing service in an innovative way

Business model: Evolution or reinvention of a business itself through realignment of its resources and processes   Social in Business: Innovation by a business organization focused on social needs of health, education, women rights, poverty etc. for which the value accrues primarily to society   Social: Innovation by a social enterprise (profit or non-profit entity) focused on social needs of health, education, women rights, poverty etc. for which the value accrues primarily to society   Public Service: Innovation by an independent government body, a public sector undertaking or a public private partnership We also have a special recognition known as the “Global Game Changer” Award. This recognition in the past has been awarded to the recent “greatest innovation” in India, which is not only a ground-breaking global innovation but is also one, which heralds the emergence of a new, bold and ambitious innovative India. Tata Motors for Nano and Bharti Enterprises for the Telecom Revolution in India have been recognized as Global Game Changers in the past. The Awards follow a transparent evaluation system with a Knowledge Partner – Bain & Company and an eminent Jury panel led by Dr R A Mashelkar. 

The Application form is now live and the last date of receiving entries is Friday, September 2nd, 2011. 

For questions, you may write to us at or contact our partners:

IDOBRO (Outreach Partner) - / 9198703 72830 
Bain & Company (Knowledge Partner) –             0124-493 7365   

Manthan Award

Manthan Award is a first of its kind initiative in India to recognize the best practices in e-Content and Creativity. It ( was launched on 10th October '2004, by Digital Empowerment Foundation in partnership with World Summit Award, Department of Information Technology, Govt. of India, and various other stakeholders like civil society members, media and other similar organisations engaged in promoting digital content inclusiveness in the whole of South Asian nation states for development.

Since then it has come to define the very best in e-Content for development arena in India. Now, after four immensely successful years of holding it within India, the organisers have felt that it's about time it is expanded a bit and its areas of operation now is all of SAARC countries namely India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Bhutan & Afghanistan.

So nominations are welcome from all of SAARC countries.Welcome aboard the gLocal journey called Manthan. Welcome one, welcome all. 


The increasing and fruitful use of Information Communication Technology (ICT) is being recognized and acknowledged world over. That ICT is a great tool for development and empowerment is being realized by its various stakeholders. Countries of the world are resorting to use of ICT to better their socio-cultural and economic landscapes in ways feasible and sustainable depending on their ground level situations. 

Developed and under developed countries and societies are experiencing the increasing interventions of ICT in various domains of activities. The ICT components increasingly being used for development and empowerment purposes includes computer, Internet, Community Radio, audio-video, and other latest gadgets. Blogging is another new entrant in the ICT domain.

So far ICT is being increasingly used in areas like livelihood, education, employment generation, entertainment, health, environment, sustainable development, ICT literacy, business, commerce, and in other fields. Instances have been reported in large numbers of how ICT has helped and assisted in community empowerment and development, trade and business, education and health and so on. In this entire gamut of ICT exercises credit goes to governments, CSOs, NGOs, individuals and others whose valuable contributions have bore fruit so far and the efforts still continues. So far so good.

IT is not roses all the way in case of ICT and its role in development and empowerment world over. There are increasing reports of digital divide, information poverty, information haves and have/nots, digital gaps, digital poverty which all point to the huge gap in making ICT available to a huge chunk of world population as well as to a huge section within a nation. India fits well into the above dichotomy of digital growth versus digital divide.

It is more than a decade that ICT has seen its vertical as well as horizontal growth in various domains of interventions be it education, health, livelihood, trade and commerce and governance. Both public and private projects and programs have been initiated at the behest of Governments, CSOs, Corporate bodies, individuals using ICT. No doubt such gigantic exercises using ICT for development and empowerment have bore mixed outputs.

There are reports emanating from states in India like Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Uttaranchal, Delhi where ICT has been used in the most utilitarian and quality perspectives. Instances are reported of how individuals and local communities are being empowered and sustained using various ICT tools like Internet, PC, CR and other mediums. Projects like NeGP, Mission 2007, CSCs, Info kiosks run by various bodies and agencies are all leading to an accelerated use of ICT for all round holistic growth and development of India.

Despite all these, the bug of digital divide haunts India. There are cases where ICT has been pumped into those hands and heads wherein the existing environment is either healthier or better of vis-à-vis in those areas wherein even the basic services of ICT is still being deprived in terms of telecom facilities along with power non-availability, no PC penetration, no trace of Internet, no means of traditional technology and so on.

With this the information gap is hurting the community development in the holistic sense. The rich-poor divide is seen to have its reflection in this information and ICT maps as well. With this there is left out huge gap for quality and timely interventions of ICT in those inaccessible, unreachable, alienated lands and communities for their upliftment and empowerment. 
It is here Digital Empowerment Foundation could trace its ICT interventions justified and timely.

'Recreation Centre for Senior Citizens'

'Recreation Center for Senior Citizens'





Last date 16.08.2011

for details visit website-

The ‘Mobiles for Good’ Prize 2011

The ‘Mobiles for Good’ Prize 2011



Vodafone India Foundation


Digital Empowerment Foundation

Last Date- 8th July 2011


The ‘Mobiles for Good’ Prize 2011 recognises and felicitates best Non-Governmental Organisation / Not-for-Profit (NGO/NFP) practices in innovative deployment of mobile applications and usage of content and services to benefit communities.

The ‘Mobiles for Good’ Prize is an initiative of Vodafone India Foundation and Digital Empowerment Foundation.

We are seeking nominations from across India from NGOs/NPFs for their innovations in making mobile reach the masses with meaningful content and services. The initiative could be an application, an App, a Mobile based Service or an initiative where the availability of various mobiles and telecom platform could be used to create mass social impact benefiting the society.

The ‘Mobiles for Good’ Prize 2011 winners (2 winners) will be recognised and felicitated with a trophy, certificate and a cash prize of Rupees Ten Lakh (Rs. 10,00,000) each. The cash prize is to encourage and nurture organisations to carry forward their good work. The winning initiatives would also be provided handholding, outreach and mentoring support for at least one year.

We are keen to hear from you if you are into innovative deployment of mobile content and services delivery to serve target communities in any parts of India.

Inviting you to participate in this mission to celebrate innovations and help spread the word about this initiative  

Please contact: for nominations form.

The Nestlé Prize in Creating Shared Value

The Nestlé Prize in Creating Shared Value


Last date- 30th June 2011


The Nestlé Prize in Creating Shared Value is awarded in alternate years to an individual,

a non-government organisation (NGO) or a small business to reward an outstanding innovation

or project in the area of water, nutrition or rural development.



Do you know of an innovative project in nutrition, water or rural development?

Help it scale up by nominating it for the Nestlé Prize in Creating Shared Value.

Nominations are welcome until June 30, 2011. The winning project will benefit from an investment of up to CHF 500 000 (more than USD 480 000).

The Prize is open to individuals, governmental and non-governmental organisations, academia and small enterprises that have developed projects demonstrating:

  • Measurable results on a pilot or small-scale
  • Feasibility and applicability on a broader scale or in other communities
  • A viable business model
  • High promise of improving the lives of farmers and rural communities; delivering high nutritional value to populations suffering from nutritional deficits; or improving access to and management of water

Specific fields of achievement include, but are not limited to: agriculture, including extension services and use of new technologies; food science and technology; nutrition education programmes; water management; protection of water resources, etc.




The Global Development Awards and Medals Competition by GDN

The Global Development Awards


Medals Competition

The Global Development Awards and Medals Competition is an innovative award scheme launched by GDN, with generous support from the Ministry of Finance, Government of Japan, and other donors. Since its inception in 2000, GDN has awarded roughly US$ 2.2 million in research and travel grants to finalists and winners. Winners are chosen by an eminent jury at GDN’s Annual Global Development Conference; an event attended by over 500 practitioners in the field of development to whom the finalists present their proposals/papers.

The competition is held in three categories. Currently, GDN is accepting applications only for the Japanese Award for Most Innovative Development Project (MIDP).

Category 1: Japanese Award for Most Innovative Development Project (MIDP): The Japanese Award for Most Innovative Development Project (MIDP) is a competitive grant program that provides development practitioners the opportunity to compete for grants worth US$ 30,000 to help scale up their innovative project*. The grants are awarded to projects and/or organizations that are carrying out original and path-breaking work in the development field and meet certain set criteria (see below). These projects are not theme based. However, the projects need to contribute to sustainable development.

First Prize: US$ 30,000; Second Prize: US$ 5,000

*The first prize winner is also eligible to compete under the Japan Social Development Fund for an additional grant of up to US$ 200,000 for their work.

Eligibility Criteria:

•    Open to all development projects in Africa, Asia, Commonwealth of Independent States, Middle East, Latin America and the Caribbean, Pacific Islands, and the transition economies of Eastern Europe and Central Asia 
•    The project must be managed by a non-governmental organization with its headquarters in a country in one of the above regions
•    The project must have started before June 01, 2010
•    Applicants from previous years (except winners) may reapply, but they must update the application to include new aspects of the project
•    Winners from previous years cannot submit an application for the subsequent three years

APPLICATION DEADLINE:  January 31, 2012 (Indian Standard Time 6:00 PM)

click Link :


India’s biggest Cash prize


The “Jindal Prize”


Sitaram Jindal Foundation

Last Date- 30th June 2011


The “Jindal Prize” is instituted by the  S  J Foundation to accolade exceptional service of current significance rendered by individuals or

organisations for the welfare of Indian citizens in the country.

Established in 1969, the Foundation is an  apolitical, non religious and charitable trust, engaged in the field of education, health and social

service with special emphasis on nature cure. The Foundation, besides extending financial support to other charitable institutions, has also

directly  set up several educational institutions and hospitals.The Foundation also assists the poor and deserving students through scholorships. 

The Jindal Prize aims at promoting moral values, peace, harmony, health, education, patriotism, national integration and religious tolerence

and at inspiring individuals to serve without motive of personal gain, social or political mileage.

It is expected that the recognition garnered by the Jindal Prize awardees will catalyze their efforts towards social upliftment. 

There shall be five Prizes of Rs one crore each, to be conferred annually, 
one for each of the following categories. 

• The Jindal Prize for Rural Development & Poverty Alleviation
• The Jindal Prize for Health including drugless healing
• The Jindal Prize for Education with emphasis on moral upliftment
• The Jindal Prize for Science, Technology and Environment
•The Jindal Prize for  Peace, Social Harmony and Development

The awardees shall be selected by the Jury of eminent and reputed persons of high integrity through a process independent of

the working of the Foundation.


Process of making nominations for 'Jindal Prize 2011' now open 

Last date for receipt of  nominations ......................30 June, 2011

Nominations in prescribed format downloadable from the foundation site-

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation- ‘Access to Learning Award 2012’

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

Accepting applications for

‘Access to Learning Award 2012’                     

Last date- 30th September 2011

 Given each year by the foundation's Global Libraries initiative, the Access to Learning Award (ATLA) recognizes the innovative efforts of public libraries

or similar organizations outside the United States to connect people to information through free access to computers and the Internet.


Times of India Social Impact Awards

Times of India Social Impact Awards

GuideStarIndia is delighted to forward the invitation from The Times of India Social Impact Awards team. As an implementation partner for these awards, GuideStar India encourages you to apply for these awards. Please read the invitation below and the FAQs section before you apply.

• To apply, you can log in via Twitter, Facebook, itimes, indiatimes or TOI IDs. If you do not have an account on these, please click “More Login Options” and select 'Connect with Times of India' and join as a new member
• If you have any queries, please write to:
• Last date for applications: 7th July, 2011. We advise you to apply at the earliest
• Log in to and send in your applications

Small Grants Programme (SGP) by UNDP/GEF/MOEF

Small Grants Programme (SGP),

funded by the

United Nation Development Program (UNDP),

Global Environment Facility (GEF)

Small Grants Programme (SGP), funded by the United Nation Development Program (UNDP), Global Environment Facility (GEF), seeks to support initiatives, which demonstrate community-based innovative, gender sensitive, participatory approaches and lessons learned from other development projects that lead to reduce threats to the local and global environment.

The GEF SGP was launched in 1991 by United Nations Development Program (UNDP) to assist developing countries in fulfilling their commitment towards the protection of the global environment. The Programme is sourced with a belief that global environmental problems can only be addressed adequately if local people are involved in planning, decision making and sharing roles and responsibilities at all levels. Even with small amounts of funding communities can undertake activities, which will make "Significant Difference" in their Livelihoods and environment. GEF UNDP SGP is currently working in 114 countries worldwide. The program started in India from the year 1996-1997.

The UNDP and Ministry of Environment and Forests (MoEF), Government of India (GOI) administers Small Grants Programme (SGP). It is being implemented by Centre for Environment Education (CEE) as the National Host Institution (NHI) since September 2000. CEE is a national level institution supported by Ministry of Environment and Forest, Government of India as a centre of excellence, and affiliated to the Nehru Foundation for Development, Ahmedabad. CEE has its presence felt in all the states and Union Territories of India through a local network of 7 regional offices and 23 field offices across the country. So far SGP has supported 303 projects across various geographical locations across the country and in five thematic areas including Climate Change and biodiversity.  The emphasis is more on establishing low cost, low external input and easy to manage technologies and social mechanisms 


The program is working through a more decentralized system of Regional offices in order to reach out to remote, un-reached and inaccessible poor areas of the country. It aims to provide a countrywide coverage and to also address the local issues more appropriately leading to better livelihoods of the poor. While the strategy has been very effective in drawing out the NGO's and CBO's to address the issues in a more sustainable matter, it remains to see how we can involve the people's initiatives through the Community Based Organizations (CBO) This demands greater hand holding at the grass root levels and at different stages within the SGP program. CEE has always sensitized the 'evolving processes within the SGP and reflect how it can be continuously improvised'. The Regional Committees are the first level review process in overseeing the effectiveness of the project proposals under the SGP.

Objectives of SGP

  • Develop community level strategies and implement technologies that could reduce threats to the global environment if they are replicated over time and space.

Gather lessons, responsive ways of project implementation from community level experiences and initiate the sharing of successful community level strategies and innovations among Community Based Organizations (CBOs) and NGOs, Host

  • Governments, Development Aid Agencies, GEF and others working from a regional to global scale.

Build partnerships and networks of stakeholders to support and strengthen community, NGOs and state capacities to address global environmental problems enabling sustainable development

  • Ensure that conservation and sustainable development strategies and projects that protect the global environment are understood, practiced and replicated by communities and other key stakeholder

Small Grants Programme provides grants to organizations for activities that address local problems with Global effects and offer solutions in areas of:

  • Biodiversity Conservation
  • Climate Change Mitigation
  • Protection of International Waters
  • Prevention of Land Degradation
  • Phasing out Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs)

Financial support by SGP
SGP will normally consider grants up to USD 50,000.for each project. In special cases, where co-financing commitments are more, slightly higher budgets may be considered, if the project activities justify this. More emphasis is placed on leveraging local contributions in-cash and in-kind from communities.


Who can submit a proposal?
Organizations which can submit proposals include

·         Non Governmental Organizations (NGOs)

·         Community Based Organizations (CBOs)

Organizations should demonstrate track record, relevant experience and skills in the content area of the proposal/idea.

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The commission intends to engage a National level NGO which has the necessary expertise

for imparting training the resource persons, bal bandhus, members of Gram Panchayats,
communities and youth.

Applications form and TOR may be downloaded from NVPCR website-







The Union Ministry of Minority Affairs invites proposals for the year

2011-12 from institutions/centers for providing free coaching/training to

students/candidates belonging to the  minority communities  notified  under

section 2(c) of the National Commission for Minorities Act, 1992 namely 

Muslims, Christians, Sikhs, Buddhists, Zoroastrians (Parsis) for the

following :

a) Qualifying examinations for admission in technical/ professional

courses such as engineering, law, medical, management, information

technology etc. and language/aptitude examinations for seeking

admission to institutes/universities.

b) Competitive examinations for recruitment to Group ‘A’ , ‘B’ , ‘C’ and

‘D’ services and other equivalent posts under the Central and State

governments including police/security forces, public sector

undertakings, Railways, banks, insurance companies as well as

autonomous bodies.

c) Coaching/training for jobs in the private sector such as in airlines,

shipping, fisheries, information technology (IT),   business process

outsourcing (BPO) and other  IT enabled services, hospitality, tours

and travels, maritime, food processing,  retail, sales and marketing,

bio-technology and other job oriented courses as per the emerging

trend of employment which does not ordinarily exceed nine months.

d) Remedial coaching for technical & professional courses at

undergraduate and post graduate level to improve academic

knowledge and enable the student to catch up with the rest of the class

and complete the course successfully. The remedial coaching will be

imparted by the institute where the student is admitted to pursue

technical/professional course.

e) Coaching for recruitment of constables and equivalent in police and

security forces and railways (for a period of not exceeding five days).

 The details of the scheme, including eligibility criteria for
coaching/training institutes and candidates/students, stipend payable to
candidates/students, fee payable to the coaching/training institutes and
application format can be seen and downloaded from the website of the
Ministry of Minority Affairs The application
has to be in accordance with the guidelines. Attention of applicants is invited
to the following specific requirements:- 

i. The area of the training/coaching institute should be at least 2000 sq.
ft. to accommodate 3 class rooms and 1 office room.
ii. The institute should have 3 years experience and should have
coached/trained 300 students per year out of which at least 20%
students from the minority communities.
iii. Applications of organisations who have availed funds from  this
Ministry upto 2009-10 and have not furnished utilization certificate
upto 15 th July,2011 shall not be entertained


The coaching/training institutes may submit their complete proposals
in the prescribed application form (Part I & II) alongwith all necessary
documents    to the Department of the concerned State Government/Union
Territory administration  dealing with minority welfare for onward
transmission to the Deputy Secretary (IM), Ministry of Minority Affairs, 11
th Floor, Paryavaran Bhavan, CGO Complex, Lodhi Road, New Delhi-110003.
The coaching/training institutes in the Pvt. Sector are required to submit
their proposals complete in all respect to the concerned State/UT Govt. by
31st May, 2011. The concerned State Department should have the project of
the coaching institute inspected and then forward the proposal with specific
recommendation in the prescribed format (Part III & IV)   of the application
form) to the Ministry of Minority Affairs, Government of India in batches
and not later than  15th July, 2011.  The institutes in the government sector
can send their complete proposals in the prescribed application form directly
to the Ministry of Minority Affairs, Government of India before the
specified date i.e. 15 th July, 2011.  Proposals received after the stipulated
date will not be entertained.










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World Challenge 2011 competition

World Challenge 2011 competition


BBC World News Limited

World Challenge 2011 is a competition organised by BBC World News Limited ("BBC World News") and Newsweek,

aimed at finding projects or small businesses from around the world that have shown enterprise and innovation at a

grassroots level ("Competition"). We want to hear from our viewers about the social entrepreneurs who are making a

difference without costing the earth. It could be you or someone you know.

Nominations will only be considered if they are submitted through the official nomination form online at

Each nomination must fall under one of the following categories:








There are various stages to World Challenge. Find out more about them here:

Nomination Stage - 28th March 2011 - 19th June 2011

Judging Stage - 19th June 2011 - 11th July 2011

Voting Stage - 26th September 2011 - 11th November 2011

Winners Announced - 26th November 2011



Financial Assistance
setting up 


Ministry of Food processing Industries

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The CAF India – UBS Community Leadership Experience (CLE) Program

The CAF India  – UBS Community Leadership Experience (CLE) Program

(for women candidates only)

Last date - 14th March 2011

Applications are invited from Executive heads of non government organizations in Maharashtra, to become a participant of the 3rd UBS Community Leadership Experience (CLE) Program, jointly organized by Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) India and UBS. This 3 days program is scheduled to be held in Mumbai in May 2011. Charities Aid Foundation (India) is an international non government organization that works with a mission to increase resources for nonprofit sector and build the capacity of the nonprofit sector towards making it more sustainable. UBS is a leading global wealth management, investment banking and securities firm, a key asset manager and a market leader in Swiss corporate and individual client banking. The organisation relentlessly endeavours to combine its financial strength with a culture that brings positive change in societies.

This CAF India-UBS Community Leadership Experience (CLE) program is designed to enable selected NGO leaders develop skills to effectively deal with issues facing the sector/their organizations and aim to provide a platform for them to come together for building capabilities and promoting cross-sectoral engagement and collaborative learning. The objective of the CLE is to nurture leadership skills in NGOs that are sensitive to ground realities and cognizant of the economic, social, political environment around them. Eminent development practitioners and management gurus will facilitate this program.

Travel, boarding/lodging cost of selected participants of this program will be borne by CAF (India) and UBS.

The last date for receiving the application is 14th March 2011. For details and application form, please visit our or email to 

Proposal for Helpline from Delhi Commission for Women

Delhi Commission for Women

Invites proposal for 


Last date - 28th February 2011

The Delhi commission for women , an autonomous organization under the Govt. of national capital territory of delhi, is running a Rape crisis cell and 24 hours dedicated Helpline for the rape victiims in the state of delhi. the commission invites proposal form voluntary organisations/institutions that have expertise to run this 24 hours Helpline under the aegis of the commission.

Detailed information in the website-



MISEREOR was founded in 1958 as an agency "against hunger and disease in the world". In its capacity as the overseas development agency of the Catholic Church in Germany, it offers to cooperate in a spirit of partnership with all people of goodwill to promote development, fight worldwide poverty, liberate people from injustice, exercise solidarity with the poor and the persecuted, and help create "One World". 

MISEREOR is mandated by the Catholic Church in Germany:to fight the causes of hardship and misery as manifested chiefly in countries of Asia, Africa and Latin America in the forms of hunger, disease, poverty and other forms of human suffering,thus enabling the people affected to lead a life of human dignity,and to promote justice, freedom, reconciliation and peace in the world.

"It is available in principle to any human being in distress, irrespective of race, gender, creed or nationality."


About MISEREOR Funds

MISEREOR does not implement any overseas projects of its own; ratehr it supports partner organisations in their efforts to achieve a more just and peaceful world. Support is provided on the basis of a funding request submitted by theorganisation that intends to implement the project.Misereor selects from among the requests t receives and on the basis of the funds available allocates it to those projects which convincingly demonstrate that they are likely to help overcome injustice and poverty. there is no fixed list of crieteria for this, because MISEREOR wishes to remain open to new idea

and approaches contained in requests, and indeed expressly encourages these. Having said that, there are a few expectations for which MISEREOR does not provide support.

They include:

-- Purely pastoral and missionary projects (this lies outside the mandate given to MISEREOR by the German Bishop's Conference)

-- projects of governmental agancies, including for instance municipal administrations (exceptions to this are made only in very few countries due to the special conditions under which the civil society operates)

-- projects that demonstrably should and can be funded by the state.


Requests can be submitted at any time throughout the year, no invitations to submit requests are published nor are there any fixed submission deadlines. Applicants should note that once a request has been submitted it will normally be six months before a decision is taken on it. During this period MISEREOR and the organisation submiting the request will often discuss it and clarify relevant aspects. A funding request should therefore be submitted to MISEREOR at least six months prior to the planned launch of the project.


All proposals have to be sent to the following e-mail id: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Postfach 10154552015

Aachen Germany

Phone: ++49(0)241-4420

Fax: ++49(0)241-442188

E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


For more details, format & other info download the following document: Guidelines

The Sir Ratan Tata Small Grant Programme (SGP)

The Sir Ratan Tata Small Grant Programme (SGP)

With a view to cater to the needs of small welfare oriented organisations, which were generally unable to access the Trust's funds, the Sir Ratan Tata Small Grant Programme (SGP) was launched in 1998-99. Since then, the Small Grant Programme has supported several hundred organisations across all five thematic areas of the Trust.

The Trust uses the SGP extensively to provide institutional support to fledgling development initiatives, including direct support to community based organisations.

In order to qualify for a grant under this programme, an organisation:

must have been in existence for at least one financial year
should be working in a thematic area supported by the Trust
should be situated in either an urban or rural area, though preference will be given to organisations in rural areas
should have an expenditure not exceeding Rs2 million in the last financial year
should not be employing more than 20 individuals

However, grants may NOT be requested for:

purchase of land and building
construction activity of any kind
purchase of vehicles
corpus fund
conferences, workshops and seminars
office equipment including computers
training or travel abroad

The SGP was primarily envisaged to cater to the needs of small welfare centered organisations and subsequently amended, to include larger organisations that needed support for strategic planning or evaluation, conducting focused research activities, mainstreaming of innovations, conducting reviews and appraisals and strengthening internal systems.

Grants made to these larger organisations have been classified under the 'special¿ category, whilst those sanctioned to the smaller organisations constitute the ¿regular¿ SGPs. The programme is also a useful tool for the Trusts to field test new ideas and innovations, support preparatory phases that precede major long duration projects, conduct workshops, events and external reviews within key areas of programmatic intervention.

Receipt of a proposal does not indicate a funding commitment. All proposals received are subjected to a rigorous appraisal process, at the end of which, the decision taken regarding extending support, is communicated to the applicant.

Note: The Trust supports registered Indian Non Profit Organisations o


The Secretary,
Sir Ratan Tata Trust,
Bombay House,
Homi Mody Street,
Mumbai 400 001,
Tel: +91 - 22 - 6665 8282
Fax: +91 - 22 - 6665 8013

(Please note that applications for individual grants should be sent through post only. Applications sent through email will not be considered).




LAST DATE- 14th December 2010 

The Global Poverty Action Fund (GPAF) is a new fund which was launched on 27 October 2010.  The GPAF will be a demand-led fund supporting projects focused on service delivery in support of poverty reduction and the most off-track Millennium Development Goals in poor countries.  Projects will be selected on the basis of demonstrable impact on poverty, clarity of outputs and outcomes, and value for money.


There are 2 funding windows, the Innovation Window and the Impact Window.  The criteria for the 2 windows are:-

Innovation WindowImpact Window
Proposed Value (estimated)10% of GPAF (grants worth £4m agreed annually)90% of GPAF (grants worth £36m agreed annually)
PurposePoverty reduction, with innovation encouraged.  
Can be small scale service delivery, but emphasise learning to allow scaling up 
Poverty reduction linked to MDGs.
Projects focused on off-track MDGs prioritised.
Risk appetiteMedium ¿ High risk: to encourage potentially higher rewards from ground-breaking workLow ¿ Medium risk: lower risk for work at greater scale to deliver real benefits for poor people.
Geography (countries where projects can be set up)DFID focal countries plus the bottom 50 Human Development Index (HDI) countries.
DFID focal countries plus the bottom 50 HDI countries.
Grant sizeUp to £250,000. 
Annual value of grant less than 40% of CSO¿s annual income. 
Max 2 grants per CSO
Min. £250,000 - max £4 million. 
Annual value of grant less than 40% of CSO¿s annual income. 
Max 3 grants per CSO
DurationUp to 3 yearsUp to 3 years
Matched fundingNot required At least 25%.  Proposals deemed to be technically strong would stand an increased chance of being successful if they demonstrate a level of match funding above the minimum 25%.
Eligibility¿Small¿ UK-based not for profit organisations, with an average income of less than £500,000 p.a. for the past 3 years.¿Medium¿ sized UK-based not for profit organisations (but no fixed upper or lower limit).  Organisations receiving PPAs excluded.  
Locally registered CSOs in countries where DFID has a country office. 
Funding roundsTwo per yearOne per year


The first funding round has opened, and the deadline for receipt of applications (proposals for the Innovation Window, Concept Notes for the Impact Window) is 23:59 on 14 December 2010.

Responsible DFID department

Civil Society Department, Policy and Research Division.

EdelGive Social Innovation Honours 2011

EdelGive Social Innovation Honours 2011

Last Date- 8th Nov 2010

We are proud to announce the call for applications for the EdelGive Social Innovation Honours 2011

EdelGive Social Innovation Honours 2011 is a national awards programme instituted by EdelGive Foundation, to reward innovative work in the social sector in India. The objective for the EdelGive Social Innovation Honours is to identify and reward organisations that are innovating to empower women in India.

Prize money of INR 50 Lakhs will be awarded to the winners across the five categories of health & well being, education, economic security & livelihoods, social and cultural rights and governance.

Award categories:

  • Health and well being: Awarding an innovation which promotes women¿s health and overall well-being
  • Education: Awarding an innovation which provides women with access to education and/or improved quality of education
  • Economic Security & Livelihoods: Awarding an innovation which helps women increase their income, and / or provides them with employment opportunities.
  • Social and Cultural rights: Awarding an innovation which helps women overcome social and cultural challenges.
  • Governance: Awarding an innovation which prepares women to participate in available legislative positions


The Acumen Funds Fellowship for 2012

The Acumen Fellowship is a one year program that immerses Fellows in world-class leadership training, field work with social enterprises on the front lines, and a community of changemakers and thoughtleaders. We are now accepting applications for the Class of 2012. Learn more to find out if you have what it takes to become an Acumen Fund Global Fellow.

MISSION: The mission of the Acumen Fund Fellows Program is to build a corps of next generation social sector leaders by fusing operational and financial skills with moral imagination to create solutions to global poverty and fill the talent gap.

Last date - 15th November 2010

For more details Visit :



Invitation of Applications for the National Award for the Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities, 2010

Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment


Applications are invited for the National Awards for the Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities under each of the following categories:-

  1. Best Employees/Self-employed with disabilities;
  2. Best Employers and Placement Officer/Agency;
  3. Best Individual (including professional) and Best Institution working for the cause of persons with disabilities;
  4. Role Model Awards;
  5. Best Applied Research/Innovation/Product Development aimed at improving the life of persons with disabilities;
  6. Outstanding Work in Creation of Barrier-free Environment for the persons with disabilities;
  7. Best District in providing rehabilitation services;
  8. Best Local Level Committee of the National Trust for Welfare of Persons with Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Mental Retardation and Multiple Disabilities;
  9. Best State Channelising Agency of the National Handicapped Finance and Development Corporation;
  10. Outstanding Creative Adult person with disabilities;
  11. Best Creative Child with disabilities;
  12. Best Braille Press; and
  13. Website of Government, Public Sector & Private Sector Undertakings with the best accessibility features.

2. Applications are invited from persons, organisations and institutions fulfilling the prescribed criteria. The applications should be in Hindi or English only. Criteria laid down for each of the above categories of awards, and full details of the Scheme of National Awards, 2010 may be seen in the Scheme for National Award.

3. The applications of those employed in the Central/State Governments/Union Territory Administrations/Public Sector Undertakings should be sent in the prescribed proforma (either in Hindi or in English only) through the Ministry/Department/State Government/ Union Territory Administration/Public Sector Undertaking concerned duly recommended by the competent authority in such Govt./Administration/Undertaking.

4. In case of others (including self-employed and those in private sector organizations/ unorganized sector), applications should be routed through and recommended by, one of the following:-

  1. Department of the concerned State Government/Union Territory Administration, dealing with disability matters.
  2. Central Ministry/Department dealing with the relevant subject or area.
  3. A National Institute (under the Ministries of Social Justice and Empowerment or Health and Family Welfare) dealing with rehabilitation of Persons with Disabilities.
  4. Collector of the District where the applicant individual/institution is located.
  5. A past recepient of a National Award for Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities.

5. Applications not routed in the manner provided in paras 3 & 4 above will not be entertained.

6. Applications in the prescribed proforma should be accompanied by the following:-

  1. Two passport size photographs (in the case of individuals),
  2. Bio-data, alongwith summary of achievements and documents in support thereof, and
  3. Draft Citation (not exceeding one page).

7. Applications duly recommended, and complete in all respects, should be sent to the Section Officer (DD-IV), Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment, Room No. 242, 2nd Floor, A-wing, Shastri Bhawan, New Delhi- 110001, so as to reach him latest by 31st August, 2010. Applications received after the last date and/or not recommended by the prescribed authority/person will not be entertained.

Masters degree in Development Studies-Netherlands

Masters degree in Development Studies-Netherlands

The Institute of Social Studies offers a programme of studies leading to a Masters degree in Development Studies. With a strong focus on training in the theory and methods relevant to development studies, the MA Programme aims to equip graduates to apply new insights in policy analysis in a practical context. The ISS MA Degree in Development Studies is widely recognized and provides eligibility for entry to PhD programmes in the Netherlands and other countries worldwide. The 15.5 months MA Programme starts each year in September.

In addition to the MA programmes listed below, ISS is also working jointly with three other universities in the Erasmus Mundus Masters Programme in Public Policy (Mundus MAPP). This is a 2-year-long double degree international Masters programme on Public Policy. The Mundus MAPP is funded by the European Commission which also provides scholarships for this programme. Please note that fellowships are available for European students as well! The Mundus MAPP website can provide you with more detailed information.

Special arrangements/auditors
ISS admits a limited number of auditors who wish to attend only some of the courses in the MA Programme. In addition, for Netherlands residents, a more flexible arrangement of the MA programme can be requested, spreading the programme over a longer period. These cases are dealt with on an individual basis. Please contact the ISS student office for more information.

Please click below for a special flyer on the MA in Development Studies as a part time programme.

Welcome..! Pls. scroll down for more Funding opportunities

Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment Schemes

  • Invitation of Applications for the National Award for the Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities, 2010 
  • Details of grant released during the year 2009-10 under Deendayal Disabled Rehabilitation Scheme (DDRS) (54 KB) (PDF file that opens in a new window) 
  • Extension of date for receipt of Application of National Award for outstanding fieldwork in eradicating untouchability and combating offences of Atrocities against Scheduled Castes for the year 2009 (54 KB) (PDF file that opens in a new window) 
  • Constitution of a Committee to draft a new legislation to replace the Persons with Disabilities (Equal Opportunities, Protection of Rights and Full Participation) Act, 1995. ("PwD Act")


Call for Proposal: UNFPII

Indigenous Voices at the United Nations

The UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues is an advisory body to the Economic and Social Council, with a mandate to discuss indigenous issues related to economic and social development, culture, the environment, education, health and human rights.

Applications for grants under the Small Grants Programme under the Second Decade will be accepted between 1 July 2010 and 1 October 2010. Applications are to be submitted to: during this time period. Applications submitted outside of this time period or to other email addresses will not be considered for funding. The proposals will be assessed by the Bureau of the UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues in May 2011 and successful applicants will receive notice thereafter. A list of organizations awarded grants will also be posted on this website.

Please note:
- Project must have a focus on indigenous peoples
- All applicants must submit their project proposals in accordance with the Trust Fund Project Proposal Format and include both a summary sheet and a proposal document
- Projects will be disregarded if the required information is not present.
- Additional information pertaining to the proposal will not be accepted beyond the deadline of submission (1 October 2011)

For more information click the link:





Access to Learning Award

Given each year by the foundation's Global Libraries initiative, the Access to Learning Award (ATLA) recognizes the innovative efforts of public libraries or similar organizations outside the United States to connect people to information through free access to computers and the Internet.

The Access to Learning Award (ATLA) honors innovative organizations that are opening a world of online information to people in need. The foundation’s Global Libraries initiative invites applications from libraries and similar organizations outside the United States that have created new ways to offer these key services:

  • Free public access to computers and the Internet.
  • Public training to assist users in accessing online information that can help improve their lives.
  • Technology training for library staff.
  • Outreach to underserved communities.
The award recipient will receive $1 million (U.S.).



The 2011 ATLA application form includes a detailed description of eligibility requirements.

Please note:

  • Applications are open to institutions outside the United States that are working with disadvantaged communities.
  • To be eligible, the applying institution must allow all members of the public to use computers and the Internet free of charge in a community space.


  • Deadline: All applications must be recieved by September 30, 2010.
  • Selection: All applicants will be notified of their award status by July 2011.
  • Announcement: The foundation will publicly announce the recipient of the 2011 Access to Learning Award in August 2011.

    National Vocational Training Information Service (NVTIS)

    List of Industrial Training Institutes across India

    Govt. of India, Ministry of Labour, Directorate General of Employment & Training's National Vocational Training Information Service (NVTIS) is available at or

    This website displays a list of Affiliated ITIs by State as well as Schemes and training programs for Women.

    IFAD Call for Proposals 2010: Remittances for Development

    IFAD Call for Proposals 2010: Remittances for Development

    This call specifically seeks to promote access to remittances in rural areas, linking remittances and rural financial services and productions and develop innovative and productive rural investment opportunities for migrants and community-based organisations

    Last date of concept Note -7th June 2010

    Click Link-

    GOI-Vocational Training

    GOI-Vocational Trainings-

    Click link-



    LAST DATE- 21 JUNE 2010





    The Human Rights Grants Scheme (HRGS)

    is calling for Expressions of Interest

    Last Date-15th June 2010

    Click Link-

    Concept Note invitation for Poorest Areas Civil Society (PACS) for Bihar and Jharkhand

    Poorest Areas Civil Society (PACS) Programme is the flagship initiative of the UK Government’s Department

    for International Development (DFID), to work with civil society in India to improve the uptake of rights

    and entitlements by women and socially excluded groups.The five year programme (2009-14) will support civil

    society organisations (CSOs) to work in the areas of livelihoods, education, health and nutrition by promoting

    policies, programmes and institutions that are more inclusive at the local, district and state level. The programme

    will cover 120 poorest districts across the states of Bihar, Jharkhand, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Uttar

    Pradesh, Orissa and West Bengal. PACS will target socially excluded groups: scheduled castes (SC), scheduled tribes

    (ST), Muslim minorities, women, girls and people with disability.

    PACS aims to (i) strengthen demand for improved delivery of services, (ii) make service providers to be more

    responsive and accountable; and (iii) address the different forms of barriers and discrimination women and

    socially excluded groups face in claiming services and benefits.


    In this round of call for proposals, PACS invites concept notes from CSOs and CSO networks to work in

    Bihar and Jharkhand on non-discriminatory access to:

    (1) Livelihoods with focus on Revenue Land and Skill Development

    (2) Right to Basic Services- Education, Health and Nutrition


    To be eligible for support under PACS, the applicant organisation must:

    · be a legally registered organisation

    · be a not for profit entity

    · be registered under FCRA and Section 12A of IT Act

    · be able to demonstrate that they have good understanding and commitment on the issues and priorities of PACS

    · not be blacklisted by any state/national/international agency/body

    · not be affiliated with any extreme religious organisation or activity

    · not be aligned to any political party.

    The duration of the projects should be more than 1 year and can be for a maximum of 4 years.


    The estimated annual budget for projects under any of the above categories should range between Rs.10 lakhs

    to maximum of Rs.40 Lakhs per annum. The scale of the funding will depend on the scale of the project and the

    outcomes envisaged.


    The concept note should not exceed 1500 words. Brief and meaningful information is desired. Please ensure

    that all desired information is provided failing which the concept notes may be liable for disqualification from

    further processing. Concept notes sent in any other format would not be considered for further processing.


    All concept notes submitted on or before May 24th, 2010 -5pm will be screened and evaluatedby the

    Project Selection Committee.

    For more details about the project kindly Click Here:



    For more list and project guidelines, pls contact us at

    A M M Foundation
    “Tiam House” No 28, Rajaji Salai, Chennai 600001
    Mr A Arunachalam/U S Natrajan
    Phone : 044 – 512665 / 511591 Extn 403

    Action Aid
    C Block Shopping Centre, Vasant Vihar
    New Delhi 110 057

    AFPRO – Action for Food Production
    25/1A, Institutional Area, D-Block, Pankha Road, Janakpuri, New Delhi – 110058
    Mr. N C Bose
    Phone : 011 – 5555412 / 5553652 Fax : 011 – 5500343

    Aga Khan Education Service, India
    39/43, Nesbit Road, Mazagaon, Mumbai – 10
    Phone : 022 – 3731811 Fax : 022 – 3731488

    Aga Khan Foundation
    A / W C Campus 6, Bhagwan Das Road
    New Delhi 110 001
    Embassy of Ireland
    13 Jor Bagh
    New Delhi – 110 003

    Aga Khan Health Service, India
    39/43, Nesbit Road, Mazagaon, Mumbai – 10
    Dr H Ladhani
    Phone : 022 – 3731707 / 3731801 Fax : 022 – 3731830

    Aide Et Action (India)
    132, Peters Road, Chennai 600086
    Mr L Narayanan
    Phone : 044 – 8272950 Fax : 044 – 8283616

    AIDS Prevention an Control (APAC)
    Voluntary Health Services, Adyar, Chennai 600013
    Dr P Krishnamurthy
    Phone : 044 – 2352965 / 2355048 Fax : 044 – 2355018

    ANGOS – Association of Non – Governmental Organisation
    2, Pandit Pant Marg, New Delhi – 110001
    Dr. N Mohanam
    Phone : 011 – 3354921 Fax : 011 – 3736588

    92, D N Road, C S T Fort, Mumbai 400001
    Dr M Jamkhanwala
    Phone : 022 – 2620177 Fax : 022 – 2621610

    Ankur Ladies Club and Welfare Society
    P-74, Lake Road, Calcutta – 700029
    Mrs Krishna Sen
    Phone : 033 – 4664542

    Archdiocesan Office for Social Work
    Caritas India, Mumbai
    Eucharistic Bldg. III, 5 Convent Street, Colaba
    Mumbai – 400 039
    Phone: 2021509

    Asian Paints Charitable Trust
    5th Floor, Nirmal, Nariman Point, Mumbai 400021
    Mr R D Dani
    Phone : 022 – 2024544 Fax : 022 – 2028993

    Bagaria Charitable Trust
    1-B, Debendra Lal Khan Road, Calcutta 700027
    Shri Kailash Bagaria
    Phone : 033 – 2236608 Fax : 033 – 2237754

    Bat – Sheva De Rothschild Fund for the Advancement of Science and Technology
    Bombay House, Homi Mody Street
    Bombay 400023
    Phone: 259131

    Bharatiya Yuva Shakti Trust
    40, CII, 13, Harrington Road, Chetpet, Chennai 600031
    Lakshmi Venkatesan
    Phone : 044 – 8279842 Fax : 044 – 8279842

    Bhoruka Charitable Trust
    1, Prabhu Dayal Marg, Sanganer Airport, Jaipur 302011
    Mr R S Kumat
    Phone : 550700 / 551678 Fax : 550119

    Bhoruka Public Welfare Trust
    63, Rafi Ahmed Kidwai Road, Calcutta
    Mr M P Sarangi
    Phone : 033 – 2448092 / 2449619 Fax : 022 – 2261196

    Bombay Community Public Trust (BCPT)
    5th Floor Regent Chambers, Nariman Point, Mumbai-21
    Mr M R Saraf
    Phone : 022 – 2845928 / 2836672 Fax : 022 – 2836672

    C P Ramaswami Aiyar Foundation
    The Grove, No. 1, Eldams Road, Chennai 600018
    Dr Nandita Krishna
    Phone : 044 – 459366 / 4341778

    CARE India
    B – 28, Greater Kailash Part 1
    New Delhi – 110 048

    CBCI Centre, Ashok Place, Gole Dakhana, New Delhi – 110001
    Father Ivan Joseph
    Phone : 011 – 3363390 / 3732339 Fax : 011 – 3715146

    CASA – Church’s Auxiliary for Social Action
    Rachna Building, 2, Rajendra Place
    New Delhi – 110 065

    Catholic Relief Services
    United States Catholic Conference India Programme
    2, Community Centre, East of Kailash
    New Delhi – 110 065

    Catholic Relief Services U.S.C.C.
    India Programme – Mumbai Zone
    St. Mary’s High School (SSC Section), Compound Nesbit Road, Mazagoan
    Mumbai – 400 010
    Zonal Director
    Phone: 378 29 27 / 378 29 09

    Drug Information Centre
    Department of Pharmacology G.M. College & J.J. Hospital, 1st Floor, Near Ward No.10, New Buildings, Byculla
    Mumbai – 400 008
    Medical Stores
    Phone: 3760943 Ext. 2322

    Central Board for Workers Education
    A 31, Panchwati, Azad Pur
    New Delhi – 110 065

    Central for Rural Development and Appropriate Technology
    IIT, Hauz Khas
    New Delhi – 110 016

    Central Social Welfare Board
    Jeevan Deep Building, Sansad Marg
    New Delhi – 110 001

    Centre for Development Communication
    4/174, SFS Mansarovar, Jaipur – 302020
    Dr Vivek S Agrawal, Trustee Secretary
    Phone : 0141 – 396789

    Centre for Research & Development
    Shreyas Chambers, Ground Floor, 175-Dr. D.N. Road, Fort
    Mumbai – 400 001
    Phone: 261 03 08

    Ceyrac Trust
    7, 18th East Street, Kamraj Nagar, Chennai 600041
    Mr R S Kannan
    Phone : 044 – 4928340

    Child Relief & You (CRY)
    189 – A, Guruji Road, Mahalaksmi
    Mumbai – 400 011
    Branch Manager
    Phone: 3096845 / 6472 / 1151

    Child Relief & You (CRY)
    DDA Slum Wing (Baarat Ghar) Bapu Park, Kotla, Mubarakpur, New Delhi – 110003
    Ms Bondana Dutta
    Phone : 011 – 4693137 / 4694790 Fax : 011 – 4932302

    Children’s Aid Calcutta
    52-A, Rabindranath Chowdhury Road, Calcutta 700015
    Fr Joseph Cherian
    Phone : 033 – 2491046 Fax : 033 – 2448687

    Christian Children’s Fund
    5th Floor, Padma Palace, 86, Nehru Place
    New Delhi – 110 019

    Christian Missions Charitable Trust
    18, Khader Nawaz Khan Road, Chennai – 600040
    Dr Colleen M Redit
    Phone : 044 – 8275883 Fax : 044 – 8275883

    Canadian High Commission
    7 / 8, Shantipath, Chanakyapuri
    New Delhi – 110 021

    Community and Abroad (Australia) (CAA)
    Regional Representative
    Community aid Abroad, E / 12C, DDA Flats Munirka
    New Delhi – 110 067

    Concern India
    13, Lynwood Avenue, Chennai 600034
    Ms Mary Martinez
    Phone : 044 – 8264639

    Concern India Foundation
    C/o A B K Dubash, 3rd Floor, Ador House, 6 K, Dubash Marg, Mumbai – 400 001
    Ms Kavita Shah
    Phone : 022 – 2855487 Fax : 022 – 2043625

    Concern India Foundation
    14, Birbal Road, 2nd Floor, Jangpura, New Delhi 110014
    Ms Kavita Shah
    Phone : 011 – 4312381 / 4326701 Fax : 011 – 4312318

    Coordination Unit for Beijing
    802 Arunachal Bhawan

    Council for Advancement of Rural Technology
    Guru Nanak Foundation Building, New Mehruli Road
    New Delhi – 110 067

    CRY (Child Relief & You)
    189 A, Anand Estate, Sane Guruji Marg, Mumbai -21
    Branch Manager
    Phone : 022 – 3063651 / 3063647

    Damien Foundation India Trust
    7, Venugopal Avenue, Chetpet, Chennai 600031
    Phone : 044 – 8280496 Fax : 044 – 8240367

    Embassy of Portugal
    13 Sunder Nagar
    New Delhi – 110 003

    Embassy of Sweden (SIDA)
    Nyaya Marg, Chanakyapuri
    New Delhi – 110 021

    Embassy of Switzerland
    Chandragupta Marg, Chanakyapuri
    New Delhi – 110 021

    Environment Education Division
    Ministry of Environment and Forests
    Bikaner House
    New Delhi – 110 011

    European Union, Delegation of the European Commission in India
    65 Golf Link
    New Delhi – 110 003

    Experient in International Living (EIL)
    Vishwa Yuvak Kendra
    Circular Road, Chanakyapuri
    New Delhi – 110 021

    Family Planning and Medical Aid Trust
    Mercantile Mansion, 3rd Flr, Madam Cama Rd,
    Opp. Regal Cinema, Fort, Mumbai – 01
    Dr H V Pophale
    Phone : 022 – 2020832 Fax : 022 – 2045353

    Family Planning Foundation
    198, Golf Links
    New Delhi – 110 003

    Family Welfare Centre
    Opp Holy Family School, S B Road, Colaba, Mumbai – 400005
    Phone : 022 – 3082085

    Financial Sponsorship for Heart Patients
    Mahavir Heart Apartments, 12 / 8 Avanti Apartments, Flank Road, Sion (E)
    Mumbai – 400 022
    Phone: 3430609

    Embassy of Finland
    Nyaya Marg, Chanakyapuri
    New Delhi – 110 021

    FAO – Food & Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations
    55, Lodhi Estate
    New Delhi – 110 003

    Ford Foundation
    55, Lodhi Estate
    New Delhi – 110 003

    Foster Parents Plan International
    410 Arun Chambers, Tardeo Main Road, Tardeo, Bombay India
    Friedrich Ebert Stiftung
    D 9 South Extension II
    New Delhi – 110 049

    Gems Foundation
    Gems Building, 6th Floor, 383, Mount Road, P.O. Box 2141, Saidapet, Chennai 600015
    Ms Chamundi
    Phone : 044 – 451340 Fax : 044 – 4345154

    Guntur Diocese Welfare Society
    Cyber Shoppee, 9 / 2 Arundelpet
    G Balaswamy
    Phone : 0863 – 24v6633

    Habitat for Humanity
    22 / 6, Ishwar Bhawan
    ‘A’ Road Churchgate
    Mumbai – 400 020
    Phone: 2049815 / 8015979 / 3082157

    Harkashi Education Trust
    “SAI”, A-1, Ashruta Park, Near Vijay Nagar, Harni Road, Vadodara – 390006
    Mr Jyotish Solanki
    Phone : 471088

    Hindu Hitachi Scholarship Scheme
    C/0 The Hindu, 859 and 860, Anna Salai, Chennai – 600002
    Mr N Murali
    Phone : 033 – 8535067

    Hindustan Charity Trust
    78, Syed Amir Ali Avenue, Calcutta – 700019

    I M C Trust
    A-183/1, Ashok Vihar Phase 1, New Delhi – 110052
    Mr S N Gupta/Mr S S Jaodia/Mr S P Arora
    Phone : 011 – 7254429 Fax : 011 – 3340202

    IDRC – International Development Research
    11, Jor Bagh
    New Delhi – 110 003

    ILO – International Labour Organisation
    7 Sardar Patel Marg
    New Delhi – 110 021

    INDIA – People’s Action for Development
    A 1, Nizamuddin (W)
    New Delhi – 110 013
    Ranchi Consortium for Community Forestry
    Post Box 7, Purulia Road
    Ranchi – 834 001

    Indian Council for Cultural Relations
    Azad Bhavan, Indraprastha Estate
    New Delhi – 1
    Phone: 272114
    Telex: 031 – 4904

    Indian Cultural Research Trust
    2nd Floor, Rajah Muthiah Hall, Rukmani Lakshmipathi Road, Egmore Chennai 600008
    Mr Varadan
    Phone : 044 – 8554690

    Indian Heart Foundation & Research Institute
    C 11, Silver Arc, Near Gujarat Railway Crossing, Ellisbridge, Ahmedabad – 380006
    Dr Nitin Shah
    Phone : 079 – 6445445 / 6444101 Fax : 079 – 6562648

    Jaan Charitable Trust
    3rd Floor, 303, Anna Salai, Teynampet, Chennai 600035
    Mr Tara Rao
    Phone : 044 – 453988 Fax : 044 – 453529

    KANFED – Kerala Association for Non-formal Education and Development
    C/o. State Resource Centre, Sakshratha Bhawan
    Trivandrum – 695 001

    Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany
    No. 6, Block 50 G Shantipath, Chanakyapuri
    New Delhi – 110 021

    Khadi and Village Industries Commission Gramodaya
    3 Irla Road, Ville Parle (W)
    Mumbai – 400 050

    Konard Adenaver Foundation
    A 11 / 23, Vasant Vihar
    New Delhi – 110 011

    Konrad Adenauer Stiftung
    Gauri Building, 3 / 4, South End Lane
    New Delhi – 110 011

    Krishna Iyer’s Charitable Trust
    14, Chinniah Road, T Nagar, Chennai – 600017
    V Nilakantan
    Phone : 044 – 8260744 Fax : 044 – 8260744

    Kumarappa National Memorial Trust
    131, San Thome High Road, Chennai – 600004
    Dr N Sivaramkrishnan
    Phone : 044 – 4940967 / 4942430

    Ladies Circle No 2
    4D, Haddows Lane, Chennai – 600006
    Ms Priya Tulshan
    Phone : 044 – 8232644

    Ladies Circle No 38
    Gee Cee Villa, 2nd Street, Poes Garden, Kasturi Rangan Road, Chennai – 600086
    Ms Archana Duseja
    Phone : 044 – 4993097

    Ladies Circle No 7
    75, Sriram Colony, Abhiramapuram, Chennai – 600018
    Ms Tara Shyam
    Phone : 044 – 4970265

    Lalbhai Dalpatbhai Trust
    1st Floor, Akshay, 53, Shrimati Society, Navrangpura, Ahmedabad 380009
    Phone : 079 – 407454

    LIFE – Let Individuals Feel for Everyone
    4, Samadhan, Linking Road Extension, Santacruz (W)
    Mumbai – 400 054
    Phone: 6146958

    Leverage Trust
    12/30 Mettuppatti, Kaikurichy, Puddukottai – 622303,
    Tamil Nadu
    A Ravi

    Lion District Central Office 324A1
    Bagirama Residency, 124, Marshall Road, Egmore, Chennai 600008
    Lion Lakshmipathy

    Lions Club of Mahestala
    Ashuti, 1st Bye Lane, Moinagore, P.O. Raipur, Mahestala, 24 Parganas, West Bengal
    Lion Santanu Saha
    Phone : 033 – 4781967 / 4520480 Fax : 033 – 4788700 / 478 6854

    Lions Club of Mumbai, Byculla
    5, Khururu Baugh, S B Road, Colaba, Mumbai – 05
    Mr Bepsi Daruwala
    Phone : 022 – 2049131

    Lokasiksha Parishad Rama Krishna Mission Ashrama
    P.O. Narendrapur District 24 Parganas
    West Bengal – 743 508

    Lutheran World Service Calcutta Programme
    3, Hungerford Street, Calcutta – 700 017

    Madras Social Service Society
    C/o Catholic Centre, 64, Armenian Street, Chennai 600001
    Mr John Britto
    Phone : 044 – 4940177

    Maharashtra State AIDS Control Society
    RA Kidwai Marg, Wadala West, Mumbai-400031
    Sanjay Bhagwat, Dy Director IEC
    Phone : 4113097 / 4115619 Fax : 4113123 / 4115825
    Email :

    Mahindra Foundation
    Gateway Building, Apollo Bunder, Mumbai – 01
    Mr P K Palit
    Phone : 022 – 2021031

    Malaysian Social Services
    M S Services, 19, West Arakanam Street, Amanjikara,
    Chennai 600029
    Mr P Ravindranath
    Phone : 044 – 614970 Fax : 044 – 6213371

    Mandra Unnayan Samsad
    Village and P.O. Mandra, District Hoogly
    West Bengal

    Ministry of Human Resource Development
    Shastri Bhavan
    New Delhi – 110 001

    Ministry of Labour
    Shram Shakti Bhavan, Rafi Marg
    New Delhi – 110 001

    Monday Charity Club
    1, Sapthagiri Apartment, 83, T T K Salai, Chennai 600018
    Ms Savithri Vaidhi
    Phone : 044 – 4996634

    Nandini Voice for the Deprived
    M 60/1, 14th Cross Street, Besant Nagar, Chennai 600090
    Mr N S Venkataraman
    Phone : 044 – 4961346 / 4961792

    National Foundation for India
    Core-4A, Upper Ground Floor, India Habitat Centre, Lodhi Road, New Delhi 110003
    Mr Shankar Ghose
    Phone : 011 – 4641864 / 4641865 / 4648490-92
    Fax : 011 – 4641867

    Nawab Welfare Association
    11, Periar Salai, Anyawaram, Chennai 600023
    Ms Nagmani
    Phone : 044 – 613838

    Nis Sparta
    Kankaria Estate, 6, Little Russel Street, Calcutta 700016
    Mr Sandeep Mukherjee/Mr Turan Kumar
    Phone : 033 – 2804480 / 2804481 Fax : 033 – 2828482

    NORDA – Norwegian Agency for International Development
    C/o, Norway Embassy, Kautilya Marg
    New Delhi – 110 021

    British High Commission
    Shantipath, Chanakyapuri
    New Delhi – 110 021

    Embassy of Japan
    50 G, Shantipath, Chanakyapuri
    New Delhi – 110 021

    Oxfam America
    10, Hemkunt Colony, First Floor
    New Delhi – 110 048

    Oxfam India
    Flat No. 314, Mansorovar Building, 95 Nehru Place
    New Delhi – 110 019

    P D Agarwal Foundation
    1, Prabhu Dayal Marg, Sanganer Airport, Jaipur 302011
    Dr Ashok Agarwal
    Phone : 550700 / 551698 Fax : 550119

    Population Foundation of India
    B-28, Qutab Institutional Area, Tara Crescent, New Delhi 110016
    Mr H P Nagpal
    Phone : 011 – 6867080-82 Fax : 011 – 6852766

    Priconser (India)
    607, Link House, 18, Mother Dairy Road, Delhi 110092
    Mr R Krishnamoorthi
    Phone : 011 – 2241031 Fax : 011 – 4602602

    Rajeshwari Nathan Foundation
    13, West Road, CIT Nagar (W), Chennai 600035
    Mr Nathan S K
    Phone : 044 – 459057

    Rangammal Gopalachari Trust
    AB-51, Second Street, Annanagar, Chennai 600040
    Mr Ravi Natarajan
    Phone : 044 – 6211908

    Rashtriya Gramin Vikas Nidhi
    Trina Shree, Kannachal, Silpkhukuri, Guwahati 781003
    Mr N C Medhi
    Phone : 544725 / 548829 Fax : 521980

    Rathna & Rao Wisdom Trust
    9, Desika Road, Mylapore, Chennai 600004
    Mr K V Govinda Rao
    Phone : 044 – 4990327

    Ravindra Patni Charitable Trust
    303/304, Regent Chambers, Nariman Point, Mumbai 400021
    Mr H M Patni
    Phone : 022 – 2822562 / 2822621

    Regional Coordination South Asia – Harivallabh Parikh – Anand Niketan Ashram
    P.O. Rangpur
    Baroda – 291 140

    Rights and Justice Ford Foundation
    55, Lodi Estate
    New Delhi – 110 003

    Rotary Club of Delhi City
    2/14, Sarvapriya Vihar, New Delhi 110016
    Mr Ramesh Aggarwal
    Phone : 011 – 6863018 / 6854859 Fax : 011 – 6859408

    Rotary Education Foundation
    R I District 3010
    Secretary’s Office S-20 (Basement) Green Park Extension, New Delhi – 110016
    Mr K K Vij
    Phone : 011 – 6963692 / 6963436 Fax : 011 – 6863567

    Rotary International District 3230
    28, Oliver Road, Mylapore, Chennai 600004
    Mr Krishnan V Chari
    Phone : 044 – 4992561 / 4993748

    Round Table 3 Child Education Trust
    6, Casa major Road, Egmore, Chennai 600008
    Mr Anil Nair
    Phone : 044 – 8279532 Fax : 044 – 8254651

    Round Table Foundation
    No 69, Nungambakkam High Road, Chennai 600034
    Mr Kishore Sahani
    Phone : 044 – 8274539 Fax : 044 – 8263862

    Royal Commonwealth Society for the Blind
    South Asia Regional Office
    B 1/B 3, Second Floor, Matru Ashish L Jagmohandas Marg, (454, Napean Sea Road)
    Mumbai – 400 036

    Royal Danish Embassy
    11, Aurangzeb Road
    New Delhi – 110 011

    Royal Embassy of Belgium
    50 N, Shantipath, Chanakyapuri
    New Delhi – 110 021

    Royal Netherlands Embassy
    6 / 50 F Shantipath, Chanakyapuri
    New Delhi – 110 021

    734 Block P, New Alipur, Calcutta 53
    Maitrayee Mukherjee
    Phone : 4005767 / 4005768 / 4005769 Fax : 4005757

    Sai Sansthan Maha Kali Medical Trust
    Maha Kali Road, Andheri (E) Mumbai

    Sanjivani Public Trust
    2nd Floor, Everest A/1-2, Near Famour Cine Laboratory, Tardeo Road, Mumbai – 400084
    Mr H C Mehta
    Phone : 022 – 4942022 / 4943377

    Sanskriti Pratishthan
    C-6/53, Safdarjung Development Area, New Delhi 110016
    Mr O P Jain
    Phone : 011 – 6961757 / 6963226 Fax : 6853383

    Om Gurudatta Hsg.Soc., Chavan Nagar, Dhankawadi, Pune – 43
    Phone : 020 – 4374213 Fax : 020 – 437238

    Serd- Social Education for Rural Development
    # 13. Maravar Stree, Main Road, Manamadurai
    L Pandi, Secretary
    Phone : 04574 – 68734

    Shastri Trust
    Court Chamber, Marine Lines, Mumbai -20
    Mr Thakur Bhumani
    Phone : 022 – 2001895

    Shivam Foundation
    F-5, Okhla Industrial Area, Phase I, New Delhi 110020
    Mr T K Ganju
    Phone : 011 – 6813536 / 6817112 Fax : 011 – 6818015

    Shree Gopal Chandra Trust
    3/13, Asaf Ali Road, New Delhi 110002
    Mr S K Agarwal
    Phone : 011 – 3256217 / 3279044 Fax : 011 – 3269761

    SIDA – Swedish International Development Agency
    Nyaya Marg, Chanakyapuri
    New Delhi – 110 021

    Siriram Washeshran Devi Bhatia Memorial Charitable Trust
    C-378, Defence Colony, New Delhi 110024
    Mr J M Bhatia/Lt. Col. P K Sibal/Dr A Sibal
    Phone : 011 – 4692125 Fax : 011 – 6229674

    Smt Nathiba Hargovindas Laxmichand Charitable Trust
    C/o Amit Sheth, 2nd Floor, P K House, Ellisbridge, Ahmedabad 380006
    Mrs Priti Amit Sheth
    Phone : 079 – 6578782

    SOSVA – Society for Service to Voluntary Agencies
    Crescent Chambers, 4th Floor, Tamarind Lane, Fort
    Mumbai – 400 023
    Gen. Manager
    Phone: 642631 / 275270

    South Asia Partnership
    C/o, Voluntary Action Cell
    Gandhi Peace Foundation
    221 / 223 Deen Dayal Upadhayaya Marg
    New Delhi – 110 002

    South Indian Office
    22A, I, St. New Colony, Mannarpuram
    Trichinapalli – 620020, Stiching
    Phone: 043 / 44185
    Fax: 043 / 44185
    Telex: 0455298 WAS1 1N

    Southern Region Office
    12, 11 – 7, Mauna Gurnmata Road, Poddigensta, Cox Town
    Bangalore – 560 005
    Mr. Vishwa Sagar
    Phone: 572 937

    Sports Coaching Foundation
    203, Cresent Towers, Masab Tank, Hyderabad 500028
    Mr K Sai Baba
    Phone : 040 – 220071 Fax : 040 – 339459

    Sri Ram Educational Trust
    18, Evening Bazar Road, Chennai 600003
    Mr Devraj Naidu
    Phone : 044 – 5350580

    Sri V Narayana Iyer Memorial Trust
    Gitalaya, Block AD-48, Anna Nagar, Chennai 600040
    Mr Narayana Viswanath
    Phone : 044 – 6213504 / 6212454 Fax : 044 – 6214524

    Sri Vupputur Alwar Chetty Charities
    183, Govindappa Naichan Street, Chennai 600001
    Phone : 044 – 5222447

    St Xavier’s College (Calcutta) Alumni Association
    Room No 5, 30, Park Street, Calcutta 700016
    Mr Naresh Gupta
    Phone : 033 – 2805566 Fax : 033 – 2206274

    St. George Charitable Trust
    C/o Mr B I Chandok, 713, Anna Salai, Chennai 600002
    Mr Kishore Sahani

    St. Xavier’s College
    Purulia Road
    Post Box 9
    Ranchi – 834 001

    Subbiah Dharma Nidhi
    896, Main Road, Kovilpatti 627701
    D Ganesan
    Phone : 044 – 25835 / 30236

    Sujata Charity Trust
    Industry House, 159 Churchgate Reclamation, Mumbai 400020
    Mr K P Chokhani
    Phone : 022 – 2026340

    Swiss Aid
    Nyaya Marg, Chanakyapuri
    New Delhi – 110 021

    Swiss Development Co-Operation
    Embassy of Switzerland
    Nyaya Marg, Chanakyapuri
    New Delhi – 110 021

    Tamil Nadu Corporation for Development of  Women
    100 Anna Salai, Chennai – 600032
    Mrs Kalpana Sankar
    Phone : 044 – 2355033
    Fax : 044 – 2352751
    Email :

    Tamil Nadu Kidney Research Foundation (Tanker Foundation)
    17, Wheatcrofts Road, Nungambakkam, Chennai 600034
    Ms Lata Kumaraswami
    Phone : 044 – 8273407

    Technical Co-Operation
    A 9 / 25A, Vasant Vihar
    New Delhi – 110 057

    Terre Des Homes India Programme
    19, Sayney Sujan Park, Kondwa Road
    Pune – 411 001

    The Hunger Project
    Bajaj Bhavan Road, 226, Nariman Point
    Mumbai – 400 021
    Phone: 2026804 / 2042739 / 41 / 2832455

    Helpage India
    34 – A / 44, Guruchhaya, Manish Nagar, Four Bungalows, Andheri (W)
    Mumbai – 400 058
    Principal Executive
    Phone: 6231541 / 6231634

    The IndusInd Foundation
    193, Rouse Avenue, New Delhi 110002
    Mr A G Asrani
    Phone : 011 – 3235680 Fax : 011 – 3234689

    UNDP – United Nations Development Programme
    56, Lodi Estate
    New Delhi – 110 003

    5th Floor, Ravindra Mansion, D.V. Road, Churchgate
    Mumbai – 400 020
    Chief of Field office
    Phone: 202 0010

    UNICEF – United Nations Development Children’s Education Fund
    72 / 73, Lodi Estate
    New Delhi – 110 003

    Unniti Foundation India
    140, Sunder Nagar, New Delhi 110003
    Dr Veena Khanna
    Phone : 011 – 4317281 Fax : 011 – 7317281

    US Aid
    US Embassy
    West Building
    New Delhi – 110 021

    Vajra Bodhi Society
    Vajra Bodhi Society, P B No 8, Buddhagaya, Bihar
    Bhikkhu Rahul Sankrityayan, Secretary
    Phone : 0631 – 400254
    Fax : 0631 – 400254
    Email :

    Vasant J Sheth Memorial Foundation
    C/o The Great Eastern Shipping Co Ltd,
    Hongkong Bank Building, 60, MG Road, Mumbai – 400001
    Ms Asha V Sheth
    Phone : 022 – 2674869 Fax : 022 – 2658311

    Vavilla Venkateshwara Sastrulu Trust (VVS Trust)
    26, Ramanuja Iyer Street, Chennai 600021
    Managing Trustee
    Phone : 044 – 5951378

    Valliamal Educational Trust
    E-9, Anna Nagar (E) Chennai 600108
    Mr A Paramasivanandam
    Phone : 044 – 6262816

    Vasant J Sheth Memorial Foundation
    C/o The Great Eastern Shipping Co Ltd,
    Hongkong Bank Building, 60, MG Road, Mumbai – 400001
    Ms Asha V Sheth
    Phone : 022 – 2674869 Fax : 022 – 2658311

    Vavilla Venkateshwara Sastrulu Trust (VVS Trust)
    26, Ramanuja Iyer Street, Chennai 600021
    Managing Trustee
    Phone : 044 – 5951378

    VEI Mission
    33, Radhakrishna Nagar, Chennai 600019
    Mr Prabhakar
    Phone : 044 – 544086

    VKK Charities
    49, Thirumalai Pillai Road, T Nagar, Chennai 600017
    Dr P Arivasagan
    Phone : 044 – 8275378

    Willingdon Charitable Trust
    2nd Floor, Rajah Muthiah Hall, Rukmani Lakshmipathi Road, Egmore, Chennai 600008
    Mr Varadan
    Phone : 044 – 8554690

    World University Service Centre
    18, East Spurtak Road, Chennai 600031
    Prof Bojappa
    Phone : 044 – 8263991

    World Vision India
    8th Floor, Khaleel Shirazi Estate, Pantheon Road, Egmore, Chennai – 600008
    Phone : 044 – 8260606 / 8262254 Fax : 044 – 8279084

    Zaheer Science Foundation
    Tower A, Flat 30, Sakir Bagh, Okhla Road
    Vice – President
    New Delhi 110025
    Phone: 633373

    Zonta Club of Bombay
    C/o Dr K Madon Hardinge House, Gowalia Tank, Mumbai – 400036
    Phone : 022 – 3864248 / 3887815 Fax : 022 – 2834311

    Aga Khan Foundation
    Contact Persons :
    Mr Vijay Sardana CEO-
    Dr Arvind Mathur Programme Officer
    Phone : 011 – 3782173 / 3782157 / 3782185

    For more list and project guidelines, pls contact us at


    Disclaimer: NGOFUNDSINDIA and its Website is not related to any of the funding agencies or organisations mentioned above in any manner. The materials provided here are solely for informational purposes only, without any warranty. Website visitors are advised to use it at their own discrition.


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