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Bella Health invites Volunteers

Posted by BHARTI on April 18, 2013 at 2:45 AM Comments comments (83)

Bella Health Care Charitable Trust is an NGO in Dehradun, Uttarkkhand. It provides health care services and health careeducation to women and children in rural villages. Services are focused onacute care, reproductive health, health promotion and disease prevention.

Bella Health is an NGO that aims to empower women toincrease their ability to make informed family planning and reproductive healthchoices. 

Weprovide reproductive health care services that will enhance the health andquality of life of the women, girls and adolescents in our target areas. Ourprograms address maternal, child, reproductive health and new-born health, aswell as gaps in family planning and acute care needs. 

BellaHealth has been operational for 2 years and provided health care to 15,000women and children in the first year of operations. 

BellaHealth accepts volunteers from all backgrounds. Depending on the background,volunteers, will be asked to help in the field (health camps) or in theclinic/office, doing administrative tasks, such as reviewing reports,contacting donors, data entry, writing letters, working on the homepage,organizing events and so on, depending on what activities are going on when thevolunteers are here. Some volunteers have worked with the staff members toteach them english and improve their writing skills. 

Ifthe volunteers have a background in health care or health education, they wouldhelp management evaluate the health care and health education. This can rangefrom infection control audits to medication management.

Bella Health is currently recruiting volunteers for a minimum of2 weeks tenure. Accommodation is provided. Bella health will providea great experience to see first hand, the difference our program is making. Contact through NFI email - (BELLA HEALTH IS - A NFI PREMIUM MEMBER).


Volunteer looking for NGO work in Mumbai

Posted by BHARTI on April 7, 2013 at 1:05 AM Comments comments (20)

Name: Ms. Ambalika Banerjee

Residence address: Delhi University, NorthCampus.


Interested in a paid summer internship in Women development NGO for 1 month.


High School

Name of Institution: Kendriya Vidyalaya no.1 Ishapore

Year of 12th grade completion: 2012

Board: CBSE

Electives: Humanities

Total percentage in class 12th: 89.6% (448/500)


Name of Institution: Miranda House

Present year: First year


• Vocal training in Rabindra Sangeet (2008-2010)

• Vocal training in Indian Classical music (2008-2010)

• Member of school dramatic society and also performed at school level

• Athletics team member specializing in shot put.


• Good communication skills. Relate to people very well.

• Fluent in 3 languages, Hindi, Bengali and English

• Comfortable with any sort of computer or related technology

• Fluent in typing with considerable speed

• Able to follow instructions with punctuality

• Interested in communicating with women in distress

• Open to sharing experiences and managing groups

• Comfortable with any sort of physical work and travel

• Interested in field work and travel

• Interested in Public relations


Smile foundation- There was a collection drive organized in our school where the

donations were to be collected. It was a time period of 1 week and volunteers were

chosen from our batch. I was a part of that team and we managed to collect 600/- per person. Through this organization I learned to manage people and got an experience oftalking to people face-to-face and build my confidence.

Helpage India- After the first collection drive I was motivated to participate in all the

upcoming NGO’s donation collection. This time it was a little bigger than the first

collection drive. This only helped me to strengthen my opinion towards working for thebetterment of the society, through the little exposure available.

Geographical survey- I was a part of a geographical survey conducted by our school foragricultural conduct. We surveyed the agricultural patterns of a village namedDumurdaha in West Bengal. During this survey there was direct interaction with the villagers as we had to fill out questionnaires for statistically displaying out research. It helped me to interact with people speaking in different dialects and also understand the economic bias of India.

NSS Miranda House- In college I am a part to our college social service organization. I was part of the medical camp organized by Miranda House in collaboration with HinduCollege. We worked side by side doctors and I got a taste of a whole new area of fieldwork. Since then I have been aiming to work on field to get the actual sense of the workand experience the work done by organizations and their direct benefit to the people.

How will i Contributions to the NGO

There are several issues that we talk about but we rarely take actions regarding them. Amongst these topics, I consider Women development and empowerment one of the most prominent issues. Women are abused in every field and having experienced that, I am more sensitive towards women empowerment.

The reason I want to join is because I will be able to communicate with women in distress and I am willing to uplift them their current circumstance. I am capable of using my creativity in tasks like poster or brochure making for awareness and can also write articles and reports fluently and creatively in 3 languages (Hindi, English and Bengali). I will be able to follow through instructions properly, also I will make sure I am compatible with the working team. Communication comes naturally to me, so I will be able to talk to people from all walks of life and can adjust to varied situations with much ease.

I would like to work towards a positive society for women. I assure you that I will be active and mobile for my work purposes. I much wish to join an NGO as I will stand for a cause, which will make me enthusiastic for working towards an aim of social development.

Contact these Volunteers with your NGO details at -


Volunteer looking for NGO work in North East NGO

Posted by BHARTI on April 7, 2013 at 1:00 AM Comments comments (96)

1. Name – Ms. Ati Srilekha

2. School/ College/ Institution (Address) - Miranda House, Delhi University

3. Contact details (Email and phone) –

4. Number of days you want to do Internship/ Summer placements work / Volunteering- nearly 30 days,either Summer Placement Work or Volunteering

5. Preference of Place- (Rural / Urban); (Preferred City/ area); Give 3 preference.-




6. Issues to be covered/ Interest area/ Research topic- Gender Issues, Women Empowerment

7. Expectations from NGO/CSR – (like- residence/ fooding, staff support, Guidance, facilities, etc )-Residence , travelling expenses and of course some prior guidance, with regard to your organisation’s operations

8. Your contributions to the NGO/CSR-

As long as I am there, and associated with the local communities and the NGO, I would dedicate my time working for and understanding local communities and the NGO. I may be relatively new to the field, but I know and believe that I am a quick learner and promise to leave no stone unturned once I understand my task. I promise to work faithfully and wholeheartedly.

Prior to this, I have worked long hours as part of the National Social Scheme (NSS) society of our college (Miranda House, University of Delhi) and also at many orphanages and elders’ homes, as well medical camps in slums around Delhi. I am also a part of a student run organisation, “BloodConnect”, which works towards diminishing the scarcity of blood for patients in need of it, in and around Delhi by

mobilising youth towards this cause. I interned at Narmada Bachao Andolan(NBA) for around 2 weeks.

The activities at Narmada Bachao Andolan(NBA) varied from documentation, to legal work, meetings, and surveys. I am still connected to the cause, by being associated with V & Dharaji, a student group in Delhi, which works to bring the issues of Dharaji (a village in Madhya Pradesh under serious threat of submergence due to problems faced by the Indra Sagar dam) to light. I also have a keen interest in working to resolve gender issues, such as violence against women.

Hence, what I can do for the organisation through this internship is to bring the lessons of my past experiences along with my dedication, so as to work efficiently towards optimal outcome. Also, having received feedback on my previous work, I do believe I have a better knowledge on what I can do to improve my efforts. I look forward to working for your organisation, and intend to give it my best.

Contact for the Volunteer with your NGO details at -


Volunteer looking for NGO work

Posted by BHARTI on April 7, 2013 at 12:55 AM Comments comments (15)

Hello , I am a Mohammed Anas, a student from Kerala, currently pursuing my MBA education.

i have finished my two semesters from alliance university , Bangalore. I have my internship to do from 15th of April to 5th of July , i would like to join TRIP.

I would like to know more about it , like How many days it will take , which places NGO will take us and all .

Contact me immediately through email-


Posted by BHARTI on April 7, 2013 at 12:40 AM Comments comments (44)


for registration under


Click link below-

Last Date- 30th April 2013


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